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Jan 9, 2013 4:00am PST
classic movies. there might be some pride. >> this comes to us from memphis, tennessee where hundreds celebrated the birth of rocknroll royalty. public officials and fans flocked to tennessee to mark presley's birthday. they cut an enormous cake. one fit for the king. i'm richard lui and this is "early today" just your first stop. day today on your nbc station. >>> one documentary crew is finally putting a face to the name. these pictures of a live giant squid were released by the discovery channel and japanese broadcaster nhk. the stills come from stunning new deepwater footage capturing the first and only images of a giant squid still in its natural habitat. the same crew previously record a giant squid caught in a fishing line caught in 2006. >>> one new record in india is sure to wake the neighbors. more than 15,000 people came together in northeast india to set the record for the largest ensemble of coal drummers. participants drummed for 15 minutes. the new record will be recognized by the indian-asian guinness record books there. heard all around the world. >>> in sweden, an ic
Jan 8, 2013 6:00pm PST
. >> a geology student captured images of the collapse. these ones in fact. the famous arch at tennessee bali beach along the marin county coast crashed down last month. cbs 5 reporter john ramos talked to the man who saw it come down. >>> reporter: they say earth's geology is a study of time and pressure. and that was put on display 10 days ago when the familiar arch at tennessee beach in marin county came crashing down. >> who i saw it, i was like what, what? >> reporter: lindsey sinclair grew up with the arch. >> we would hike up over the hills and go down to the beach and the arch was just part -- we would just sit there and look at it in awe. >> reporter: robert wills is ironically a geology student at cal tech. he was on the beach that day and began snapping pictures when the rocks started to fall. >> gradually each picture looked crazier and crazier and the whole hillside collapsed and had rocks the size of maybe a small car and more like a piano sized rock falling off. >> reporter: wills had come to watch the stormy conditions. but he doesn't think
Jan 8, 2013 11:30pm PST
the arch looked like at the tennessee beach at tennessee cove for decades. for many years it's also been a favorite spot for pictures. but on december 29th. a graduate student at the institute of technology was on the beach taking pictures when all of a sudden that arch came tumbling down. the graduate student and his geologist father said the noise was so loud it also blocked out the sounds of the waves. >>> it starts way up here and you see the curser this red line. when the systems come like this they come up over the cold and down over the land like this they don't have a chance to warm up. a lot of times these systems worm up but this one coming down is going to be a cold one. cold systems carry little moisture with them. so we're not expecting rain or precipitation from it. this one will see a few sprinkles but not a lot. maybe .01, .1 at the most. fog is going to be a problem tomorrow morning. as you head off to work get going around town, early morning the fog will be in the east bay and south bay valley. the dewpoints are running right about where the temperatures are right now.
Jan 8, 2013 5:00pm PST
blackburn of tennessee, she too voted no, asked for disaster assistance following a flood in tennessee. louie gohmert. you can always depend on a no vote there. he requested a broader disaster declaration following hurricane ike. jim jordan of ohio, a no vote, requested a disaster declaration after storms in his state. can you believe this? tom price of georgia a no? he voted no for sandy relief? he called for disaster relief after tornadoes. jim sense sensenbrenner. joe wilson of north carolina also a no vote supported usda drought relief to help those farmers out. then there is steve palazzo of mississippi. palazzo represents the coastal region of his state, an area completely devastated by hurricane katrina. palazzo voted no on sandy relief because he says he is worried about the nation's debt. the bigger picture he says is we also have to recognize that we have a financial disaster that is looming in this country that i believe personally in my heart -- in his heart -- is going to be greater than any disaster that has ever hit the u.s. well, when katrina struck back in 2005, this c
Jan 9, 2013 2:00am PST
, tennessee, even oklahoma and arkansas has been wet. now some of these showers are trying to pop up through southern illinois and the ohio river. normally if we had a storm like this, we would be talking ice and snow, but it's so warm across the country, it's literally all rain. a lot of the clouds will be filtering sunshine today. ohio valley, mid-atlantic and deep south, not as much sunshine as you saw yesterday. as far as the worst of the travel, flights will have significant delays out of dalls/ft. worth, san antonio and houston airports there. the dallas area already picked up about 2 1/2 inches of rain. a half inch in houston, san antonio a good deal of rain. texas has been in and out of the drought the last couple of years so they can use this rainfall. we'll deal with it, just a lot of soaking rain spreading into arkansas and louisiana. the forecast, we have the cool temperatures this morning in new england and the northern plains, even you will warm up this afternoon. a beautiful day, d.c. to new york. as i mentioned, a few more clouds out there. it looks like the rain will spread
Jan 9, 2013 2:30am PST
in the way of severe weather or damage. just a soaking rain. louisiana, mississippi, tennessee, alabama and spreading into georgia. along with the warm air comes the rain and the clouds. we are getting drenched, so far two inches of rain from san antonio to dallas. that continues at this hour. that's where airport delays could be today. a picture perfect january day. chicago, detroit, ohio valley. more clouds today than yesterday. won't be that perfect blue sky. from new york to washington to boston, another great day out there. so let the good times keep rolling. >> thanks, bill. appreciate that. let's talk a little sports here, news from the nfl that will ratchet up the controversy for mike shanahan's decision to let robert given iii play hurt last weekend. a source says rg3 will have reconstructive surgery this morning to repair tears in his lcl and possibly his acl. he is expected to be ready for the 2013 regular season opener. yesterday dr. james andrews who was on the sideline during the game, tried to shed light on the decision to keep rg3 in the game. speaking to the "washington
Jan 8, 2013 9:00pm PST
't imagine the unspeakable grief in murphiesboro, tennessee, when we talk to the leaders in the muslim community and they tell me my kid doesn't want to go to school today because everybody is telling him, go home, you terrorist. i can't imagine the unspeakable grief in suburban minneapolis when the somali kids are told, you have to go home, you terrorists, get out of our community. they were born here, this is their community. i can't imagine the unspeakable fear in the aftermath of that horrible incident involving the murder outside of milwaukee, wisconsin, and you read the data showing here in the bay area the number of siekh american kids who reported they had been harassed in 2010. so we have a lot of work to do in sioux falls, south dakota, in buffalo, new york, in the bay area, across the country. we're doing just that. and the extent to which the profile of this issue has been raised in recent years i think is a remarkable trib bought to all of you in this room. it's a trib bought to this president. i had the privilege of going to the summit that the president held. he has
Jan 9, 2013 3:00pm PST
's something that other states including virginia tennessee, alabama, are all considering, and the idea is coming straight from the nra play book which wayne lapierre actually called for in his address after sandy hook. >> if it's crazy to call for putting police in our schools to protect our children, then call me crazy. i'll tell you what the american people -- i think the american people think it's crazy not to do it. it's the one thing that would keep people safe. >> jennifer: actually looks like the american people do think he's crazy, or at least that his ideas are. there was a new ppp poll out there that finds that just 41% of the voters support the nra's proposal to arm teachers and it also found that the nra's support itself has eroded since lapierre's press conference. you might think that sounds pretty good, but that's down a full ten points since the week before his press conference. so maybe their struggle hold on our gun laws is loosening, and will continue to if leaders like dan malloy keep standing up to the gun lobby. >> freedom is not a handgun
FOX Business
Jan 9, 2013 12:00am EST
tennessee governor, phil bredesen, from the fix the debt committee. douglas holtz-eakin formerly of the cbo and evan bayh, former senator and fox news contributor. wow what a power panel. i hardly know where to start. phil, you think it is appalling we gotten this far. why? >> i just think play games, the political games with the faith and credit of the united states is a crazy position to be in. like playing with fireworks and playing with matches in a fireworks factory or something. i understand the need to deal with entitlements and to reduce costs on that but there are other ways of doing that. there is the whole sequester thing coming up down the road. i just think it is crazy for the congress to be messing around with brinkmanship on this particular issue. melissa: doug, how serious is it to hit the debt ceiling? what really happens? do we suddenly default? do we stop paying certain parties? what happens? >> this is --. melissa: i'm sorry. i said that to doug real quick. >> okay. >> i mean i would say two things. first, have to point out there is lot of uncertainty in these projection
Jan 9, 2013 2:05am PST
's your name? >> lauren. >> lauren, where are you from? >> originally from knoxville, tennessee. >> i see you went to indiana clearly. >> yeah. >> tell me about your outfit here. >> indiana, got to represent schools, and just wearing a big t-shirt from my dad's closet and soccer socks from -- soccer shorts from eighth grade. >> wow. stunning. i think we're going to give you a little mini-makeover today. what do you think? >> um, yes. >> are you excited? >> absolutely. >> well, we're going to reveal you in a half hour, and hoda, she actually told me her father used to babysit you. >> what? what's his name? >> morgantown, west virginia. >> you're kidding me. >> what is his name? >> mark shafer. >> mark shafer. oh, my. >> we're going to find out what you were like as a child as we grab her. let's press stop. >> okay. >> we're going to come over. >> thank you, jill. >> here's the thing. if you guys are wondering how many calories you are burning, if you are on a stationary bike for the entire hour with us on average you're going to burn 292 calories if you are on the bike. all right? >> that
Jan 9, 2013 6:00am PST
for an american citizen held in north korea. >>> tennessee senator bob corker says he expects secretary of state hillary clinton to testify january 22nd regarding last september's attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. secretary clinton had been scheduled to testify earlier but that of course postponed because of health problems. >>> u.s. troops are scheduled to pull out of afghanistan in december of 2014. but the number of troops to remain to help the country stay safe is still under debate. there's the possibility that the united states will pull out all troops next year. afghan president hamid karzai will meet with president obama at the white house on friday. >>> wedding bells will soon be ringing for same-sex couples at a historic church in washington, d.c. cathedral officials say the washington national cathedral will be among the first episcopal congregations to implement a new rite of marriage for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders. they will announce the new policy today. the cathedral has been used for presidential inaugural prayer s
FOX News
Jan 9, 2013 3:00am PST
the deadly terrorist attack in benghazi, libya. the date was disclosed by tennessee senator bob corker, top republican on the senate foreign relations committee. but the white house says no date has been set yet. >>> $1.6 billion in customer money disappeared without a trace under his watch. but a bankruptcy court judge is letting former mf global ceo jon corzine off the hook. customers wanted the former democratic governor of new jersey deposed about the missing money. the judge says the motion lacks standing because customers are not direct creditors of the bankrupt company. >> steve: great. >> gretchen: did you just get the brand-new iphone 5? it's about to get cheaper. the "wall street journal" reporting this morning apple is working on a less expensive iphone that could be out later this year just in time for me to come into the 21st century. sources say apple would bring down costs by making the body out of plastic instead of aluminum. those with your headlines. >> brian: good, make it accessible to everybody. >> gretchen: i've been waiting for that contract to expire to get one. >> s
Jan 9, 2013 6:00am PST
and quickly that many schools in the central united states have had to close down, from michigan to tennessee, ailing teachers and bus drivers have left schools short-staffed, but this year's strain, severe strain, is more than just an inconvenience. it can be downright dangerous. across the country, the flu is being blamed for the deaths of at least 18 children. the government doesn't keep track of adult deaths blamed on the flu. more than 2,200 people have been sickened by the bug. so sick they've been admitted to the hospital. our senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen joins us by phone from louisville, texas. we have you on the phone because we know you're working on a flu story about kids. give us a preview. >> it's a terrible story of a completely healthy 17-year-old boy who got the flu, you know, kids get the flu, it happens, but it did not, he got very sick, very quickly and unfortunately, he ended up passing away, and this is what sometimes happens with kids. kids can look completely fine, and in less than 24 hours, or about 24 hours later that child is on a respirator in the i
Jan 8, 2013 11:00pm EST
turn ownership communities into a tennessee -- tenant communities. then that benefit will rise not to the existing homeowners but to the aggregate. i will stop. >> give tom a chance. >> now that you can see i am truly the wizard manipulating the outstanding mortgage market. it is me. far -- fair market value. with eminent domain he says it is developed by the cities but now one city has developed in the.domain program when you hear from sandy know was devised by mrp it is called joint powers authority. like you have the joint powers authority? a simple answer is they need to create a special purpose vehicle. in with this quick take to take the mortgage and decide how much to pay later. with the analysis you only pay between 70 and 80 percent of the appraised value. mrp has a foreclosure discount for those who are current on the mortgage. with a separate legal entity they take the mortgage to say we pay later. then through the mrp refinance the mortgages through fha. but let me finish. through the program is determined later it was not free market value, the joint powers authori
Jan 9, 2013 5:00pm EST
on this bill. this is a model that has worked national. louisiana, tennessee have created recovery and achievement districts, and the results are positive. many view, and need our secretary on a trip to louisiana and you saw it in person and know it works -- many of you accompanied our secretary. psst we don't have any other option. failing schools will not be tolerated in virginia. i can tell you as the parent of five children that are with us tonight, all of whom have graduated from good virginia public schools, we must raise the bar and beat in tolerant of failure. we must continue to bring more innovation and more choices to the public-school system. excellent education demands having the courage to try new things and to be innovative. public charter schools have done well nationally to help bring options to our most underserved communities. the charter schools can increase flexibility and innovation and offer a wider range of educational experience. we have approved new taurus school laws, but we have not done enough. pennsylvania had 164 new charter schools. virginia had four
Jan 9, 2013 6:00am EST
stretch and now looking real possible. they have a factory in tennessee and the new jetta has been received very well. >> audi is coming on, too. >> audi is terrific. they're a powerhouse. nothey are. >> you read about hyundai. some of those hyundais, sometimes i mistake them for mercedes. >> they do that on purpose. >> it used to be i misstake a hyundai for a 1972 corolla. that is so far from what hyundais are right now. >> toyota -- interesting you mention that, toyota is putting on a push to boost its styling in response to hyundai's success. >> overall, you're pretty optimistic where this year is headed. last year pretty great and think it will be better this year. >> one, the economy is getting better slowly. the other thing, the average age of vehicles on the road is near a record high, above a decade. people have to replace them. >> cramer loves ford. >> ford is -- >> isn't it the fusion kind of -- an interesting looking car, also a hybrid, too? >> they have about six flavors of the fusion and hybrid is one of them. a plug-in hybrid and regular hybrid. >> not really that ugl
Jan 9, 2013 3:00am PST
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Jan 9, 2013 12:00pm EST
with tough programs. mayor ron littlefield of tennessee said in one of our round table in augusta, georgia. it's important that different regions learn and even borrow workable solutions from each other. question did b a bsh -- we can be a clearing house of good idea and share solutions that worked in other parts of the country. this helps avoid past mistakes, but it also provides solid evidence there is a solution that can work, and you can take to your councils and legislators and voters. it's important that the workable solutions get put on the table. we heard over and over and over again how in our round table and in our scholarly paper the need to find the right balance between business and government. we created the conservation leadership partnership to evaluate and education mother alternative and entrepreneurial based solutions that can entice everybody, conservatives, liberals, rastafarian, whoever can be here. but the shared goal of scef conserving our environment. at the hilton head round table we heard about how the challenges that state fish and wildlife agencies are having t
Jan 9, 2013 7:00am PST
to go ahead and say this l my girriends backome in tennessee asd me lt ght, because you know how carroll buett used to do this? they want me to say hi. they try to watch evething i on. so doing this or this, you know, is way too -- so i may do somethg. >> that's a little bit whacky? >> so if do it -- >> twitch or something weird. >> tell usbout your dghter runnin againstitchcconnell >>here you go. we got to play trivia. we gotoear it, is yr dahter going to run against mitch mcconnell? very important. >> brandi's cat happened t walk by with a hairballike at th's good. >> is she or is s not? >> dateline hoda. >> dying to know, dying to know. >> i don't know. and you kno i would t you if i knew. i would be like spr tanning it over overpasses and water wers we really d't know. >> wll wait and see on that. >> b i can sa if s was, she'd be so perfect, because ashley is very tranarent. she wl tell y the h. she les kentucky our peopl in kent. >> you have a birthy coming up, we heard a rur, friday. we're going tolay a birthday trivia ge with you,ere we go. >>tumpnaomi, go. >> who was the u.s. pre
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)